Initial plan (and latex test)

This is a first plan for the review article I am going to try and write in individual sections. A bit like a serial novel, like a Dickens novel such as Pickwick Papers, or Alexander McCall-Smith's 44 Scotland Street... but about chemical and thermal lithium-ion battery recycling processes!



journal=ascecg, % for ACS Sus Chem Eng

\title{A review of chemical and thermal processes used in the recycling of lithium ion battery materials}


This a review attempts to comprehensively present the chemical and thermal techniques that have been, or are being, adopted for materials recovery from waste lithium-ion batteries (LIBs). The work will firstly overview the principle material classes, and typical specifics of the elements, that make up a LIB: lithium ion electrolyte and carbonate ester solvent; transition metal lithium oxides in the electrodes (often the most valuable elements); metals from current collector foils (Al \& Cu), connectors and packaging; carbon from conductive agents in both electrodes, and intercalatable graphite in the anode; and finally polymers from the separator, packaging, gasket, and binding agent in the electrodes. This is followed by an outline of the specific thermal processes, then the chemical processes.



\subsection{Review definition and justification}



\section{LIB cell materials}

\subsection{Electrolyte and solvent}

\subsection{Metal oxides from electrode}

\subsection{Metals from foils, connectors and packaging}

\subsection{Carbon from electrode}

\subsection{Polymers from packaging, gasket, separator and electrode binders}

\section{Thermal processes}

\subsection{Low-temperature pyrolysis}

\subsection{High-temperature pyrolysis}

\section{Chemical processes}

\subsection{Chemical leaching}

\subsubsection{Acid leaching}

\subsubsection{Alkali leaching}

\subsubsection{Organic leaching}

\subsubsection{Water leaching}


\subsection{Solvent extraction}

\subsection{Chemical precipitation}

\subsection{Electrochemical processes}