"Preparing for leadership"

On 8th and 15th November 2017 I went on an internal training course for Warwick researchers entitled "Preparing for leadership". This was a much more useful experience than I could have envisaged beforehand, and involved some really eye-opening information regarding the university itself (positive and negative), nice networking opportunites, and problem solving discussions, as well as the very useful information regarding leadership, and the key skills involved.

Regarding the key skills, I suppose I could try and sumamrise them:

1) An open mind, with a sense of fairness

2) An attempt to understand the breadth of different approaches to work that there can be

3) An attempt to understand the specific interests/approaches of those who are directly managed by me

4) A wilingness to engage in the complexity of organisational understanding, including politics


Very broad, but the skills by definition cannot be specific. From a personal perspective, I need to highlight my own strengths and understand how best ot use them, and how best to engage others to help with necessary weaknesses. I also have decided to devise a more specific personal development plan, focussed on setting specific goals around my career development.